Berkley Powerbait Fight 'n Bug

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Berkley Powerbait Fight 'n Bug 3.5" Rusty Crayfish

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Length 3.5" / 9cm
Packet Quantity 8
Scent Powerbait
Colour Rusty Crayfish

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Easily rigged with a 4/0 hook securely attached to the line with a Palomar knot, the instructions for Berkley® PowerBait® Fight’n Bug are even easier: cast, catch, release and repeat.

There’s no arguing that this 3.5-inch soft plastic triggers strikes with its open, active pincers and extended tentacles, though deciding whether it’s better on a Texas rig or as a jig trailer remains a point of contention. When working the bait through heavy cover, a slight twitch of the rod tip allows the Fight’n Bug’s action to do what it does so effectively: catch fish.

The Fight’n Bug has a long body and oversized pincers that move violently through the water when retrieved and an exclusive PowerBait formula that fish bite and won’t let go. Combine the bait’s action with a textured, lifelike body and ease of use and it becomes readily apparent why this will be the new go-to craw-style bait for professional and novice anglers alike.

Prime locations to use the Fight’n Bug are in and around cover and along rocky points where crawfish gather. Anglers in doubt about color selection should make sure to note water clarity and amount of sunlight. Typically, anglers should stick with natural colors in sunny conditions and turn to darker colors for stained water and cloudy days.

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