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  • Berkley Pitbull 5.5
  • Pro Bass Crush 50X
  • Strike King KVD 1.5
  • Worden's TimberTiger DC-4


    Performs in open water or neear structure!
    Size Range Cover Cranking Depths from 2 to 16 feet
    Snag Resistant "Timber-Guard" Design
    "Timber-Guards" Guide Hooks Away From Obstacles
    Computerised Thin-Wall Construction for Maximum Vibration.

    Product Know How:

    Flip, pitch, or cast the Timber Tiger into brush, stumps, or debris as it is designed to work the really bad stuff where most crankbaits can't. The Timber Tiger's design features include superior snag resistance and maximum vibration at medium to fast retrieval speeds. It also works great as an open water bait.

  • Xcite Baits XB-1
  • Norman Fat Boy Crankbait